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May 2020

Leading for Inclusion with Cultural Intelligence (CQ®) Post COVID 19

The impacts of the COVID-19 crisis are not uniform across ethnic groups, and aggregating all minorities together misses important differences. Understanding why these differences exist is crucial for thinking about the role policy can play in addressing inequalities. IFS May 2020

As the UK makes it way out of the COVID-19 Crisis there are specific challenges for leaders who are developing and implementing policies and strategies across diverse communities and organisations.

This on-demand webinar brings together a panel who are pioneers of Culturally Intelligent and Inclusive leadership in their fields.  The President of the Cultural Intelligence Center USA and leaders from within the UK Public Sector including Policing, Government and the Health Sector.


Jennifer Izekor, Founder Above Difference

David Livermore,  PHD. President; The Cultural Intelligence Center

Rob Neil, OBE

Supt. Andy Bennett

Dr. Joan Myers, OBE, RCN Council Member

Lynne Spencer, Director of Corporate Affairs.  Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch