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Building Capacity

An organisation’s ability to embed Cultural Intelligence (CQ®) and Inclusive Leadership will positively impact the organisational culture for their people and communities they serve and will encourage transformational change and equity.

Constructed On a Strong, Supportive Framework

Our researched, evidence-based approach creates powerful partnerships with our clients that supports and sustains Culturally Intelligent (CQ®) and Inclusive organisations for the long-term.


Sustainability involves supporting organisation to map out a realistic journey so they can sustain their equity effort.

We want journeys that are going to last. We don’t want people getting tired along the way. We want people to understand what the journey looks like and what it’s going to mean for them as an organisation – for leaders and for the people they work with. 


Ownership ensures that everyone in the organisation is part of the journey. Not just focusing on single identity marginalised groups – everyone plays a part. At Above Difference, we say it has to be about everyone, or it is about no one.

What we don’t want is some people sitting at the back of the car going, are we there yet? Or indeed, where are we going?


Scalability addresses how crucially important it is that we train facilitators in organisations to build capacity and embed a Cultural Intelligent (CQ®) and Inclusive culture.

Our Facilitator Development Programme trains, mentors and supports colleagues within their organisation to become Senior Cultural Intelligence and Inclusive Leadership Facilitators. This enables scale-up and also sustains the work we begin, ensuring each organisation is able to retain total ownership of its own development agenda.


Relevance is achieved through a deep understanding of the framework, the journey and its clear, evidence-based benefits. Providing answers to pertinent questions, viewed from the perspective of each leader and organisation.

Why we suggest organisations no longer take the quick fix designation approach. How the Cultural Intelligence (CQ®) and Inclusive journey ties into that particular organisation’s profit margins, effectiveness, and why it makes a difference to their customers, citizens, and communities they serve.

“We believe that the CQ masterclasses delivered by Jennifer Izekor, Founder of Above Difference, to our middle and senior leaders have significantly enhanced their capability to relate effectively and perform in the culturally diverse context of our organisation and wider society. This has been particularly important in support of our drive to improve the confidence in policing of all our communities and increase our ability to attract the very best talent from the full range of diversity.”

Chief Constable Andy Marsh
Avon and Somerset Constabulary, 2020