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Policy Design

When the Leading Inclusively with Cultural Intelligence (CQ®) programme is applied to an organisation’s Recruitment, Performance, and Talent Management processes, a wealth of opportunity is opened that is often overlooked and therefore undervalued.

‘Fit’ for All

We help organisations across the Public and Community sector to create real and sustainable change that effects fairer, more equitable working procedures and practices.

Create Powerful Processes

CQ® is a tool that leaders can draw upon to explore new progression models and address objectives such as the criteria of performance reviews, and the accessibility to senior management fast track programmes.

Using CQ® in policy design of Recruitment, Performance and Talent Management can impact the language used in job vacancy postings, attraction methodologies, diversity monitoring within the talent pool, at each stage of the selection process, and confirmation bias within the interview process.

In organisations who are seeking the right ‘fit’ approach to Recruitment, Progression and Talent, Management this can look very different to each individual and each department. Multiple cultures are present at any one time within the work environment and intersectionality adds another nuanced layer.

The Benefits of Embedded Inclusion

Research demonstrates that teams with high levels of CQ®, working within an Inclusive workplace culture, outperform their peers on every indicator – Productivity, Innovation, Creativity, Profitability.

Research also demonstrates that sustainable change in the Inclusion agenda will only happen where there is systematic and structural change to the way organisations work. Inclusion is an Organisational Developmental issue not just a HR challenge.

We partner with our clients to achieve Intentionally Inclusive and Equitable organisations that don’t only focus on what their organisations look like; or whether people are the right ‘fit’ but; how the people within their organisation feel.  The focus is on transforming their organisations to fit all their people.

“We believe that the CQ masterclasses delivered by Jennifer Izekor, Founder of Above Difference, to our middle and senior leaders have significantly enhanced their capability to relate effectively and perform in the culturally diverse context of our organisation and wider society. This has been particularly important in support of our drive to improve the confidence in policing of all our communities and increase our ability to attract the very best talent from the full range of diversity.”

Chief Constable Andy Marsh
Avon and Somerset Constabulary, 2020