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Above Difference

“I was fascinated by that space – above difference – above the focus on the things that divide us. The space where there are lots things we share and where we are the same. How do we find a place to have conversations that aren’t about all the things that are wrong about the way we relate to each other, but begin to come together on the things that are right. I wanted to create an organisation that approached difference in a new way, showing how we can work effectively with difference as individuals, as leaders and as organisations.”

Leading Difference Differently

We are driven by creating a better, fairer and more inclusive public and community sector by changing the way people:

See Difference

Lead Difference

Experience Difference

Engage with Difference

Value Difference

Meet the Team

At Above Difference, we’re driven by making things better. We believe diverse, equitable and inclusive teams deliver the best results for everyone and are the key to meeting the demands of today and tomorrow.

Jennifer Izekor

CEO and Founder

Kehinde Alisha Rees

Director of Operations

Neyma Mildred Ali

Corporate Relations Manager

Elizabeth Odioko

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Lindsey Bennett

Comms and Marketing Associate

Richard Waterhouse 

Communications Associate

Our Expert Facilitators

Andy Bennett QPM 

Senior Associate Facilitator and Executive Leadership Coach

Jean Cole   

Associate Facilitator 

Our Strategic Partner

Cultural Intelligence Center

Above Difference is the UK’s only strategic partner to the Cultural Intelligence Center

Above Difference:

  • In partnership with the Cultural Intelligence Centre, has the ability to develop sector specific programmes and resources for the UK Public Sector
  • Is the UK’s only platinum accredited Cultural Intelligence Trainer and Facilitator
  • Boasts a team of collaborative partnerships with decades of Public Sector experience
  • Has a unique UK voice that engages the wider public on how CQ adds value to the discourse and dialogue around equity, equality and inclusion.