Public Masterclasses

Cultural Intelligence is beginning to make a real difference to leaders across the Public and Community Sectors. You will come away from our programmes with a whole new perspective and a better awareness of how Culture and Inclusive Leadership can work together to make a real difference.

Leading Inclusively with Cultural Intelligence

The highly acclaimed Masterclasses are focused on helping leaders to achieve and sustain an Intentionally Inclusive leadership style underpinned by Cultural Intelligence (CQ).  As part of the programme, you complete a (CQ) Assessment.

 One day Masterclass and a half day Group Planning & Implementation Session for senior leaders in HR, Workforce Development and OD.

Does leadership talent from diverse communities in your organisations ‘come and grow’?  Or do they ‘come and go’ – or not come at all?

Diverse representation at senior leadership levels remains unacceptably low despite countless initiatives aimed at addressing the problem. In this unique Masterclass, Jennifer will take senior leaders through a fresh approach to recruitment, retaining and progression of diverse talent, that is already making a real difference to our clients.

The Masterclass draws on Cultural Intelligence (CQ), but explored within the context of Value Driven Inclusive Leadership and Culture Change Management.

These elements are fundamental to achieving the culture change that creates fully inclusive workplaces;aces where talent form all backgrounds can COME, STAY and GROW.

Recruiting and promoting BAME leaders inclusively with Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Learn how embedding Cultural Intelligence (CQ®) in your hiring practices can provide a framework to Inclusively Recruit & Promote BAME Leaders.

Leading for Inclusion with Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Leaders – Blue Light Services

A unique Masterclass for Leaders working within Blue Light Services who are committed to increasing their leadership impact on the Inclusion agenda in their organisations.

Leading for Inclusion with Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Leaders – Third and Faith Based Sectors

A series of Masterclasses to support Leaders and Trustees within the Third and Faith Based Sectors.

Moving into Leadership with Cultural Intelligence (CQ) for BAME Leaders

A Cultural Intelligence (CQ®) Workshop specifically designed for BAME leadership aspirants to complement ongoing leadership programmes.