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Facilitator Development Programme

We train, mentor and support colleagues within their organisation to become Senior Cultural Intelligence and Inclusive Leadership Facilitators. This enables scale-up and also sustains the work we begin, ensuring each organisation is able to retain total ownership of its own development agenda.

Building Internal Capacity in Organisations

We recognise that to create real change in any organisation, it is essential to develop leaders and change makers who fully understand, will deepen and can model Culturally Intelligent and Inclusive Leadership.

Partner with the Cultural Intelligence Center

Our programmes are delivered under licence from the Cultural Intelligence Center in Michigan, in the United States. All resources and materials, unless otherwise stated, are owned by the Cultural Intelligence Center as such the ownership and use of this material is not transferrable by Above Difference.

The Above Difference Facilitator Development Programme (FDP) is specifically designed to meet the needs of the UK Public Sector, drawing together two CQ Certifications into one intensive programme aimed at creating CQ change-agents in organisations who are equipped to facilitate change.

The focus on these fundamental principles of Inclusive Leadership will further develop each participant’s leadership skills, capabilities and practice; enabling them to lead the strategy for the embedding Cultural Intelligence and Inclusive Leadership as a pivotal part of their organisation’s Equality Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.

Selecting Your Facilitators

The requirement that CQ be taken seriously throughout a participating organisation, requires that trainers have both the capacity and capability to command real authority when delivering this transformational programme to anyone at any level across the organisation. We therefore recommend that Trainers be selected carefully, from its middle and senior management strata.

As a prerequisite of our support of any organisation is that there is total buy-in from the very top, we also recommend that this team of CQ Trainers be lead by a member of the Senior Executive, who should be a participant as a throughout the training.

It has been our experience that anything other than this will run the risk of there being less than total buy-in, across the organisation, to change, leading to something less than the complete, consistent and sustainable cultural transformation sought through their investment in this journey.

Supporting the Journey

As part of our commitment to a successfully sustainable CQ journey; following this period of personal support for every qualified Trainer/Facilitator, we will provide an opportunity of further support for them and every organisation that we have guided through their CQ journey to becoming a more Culturally Intelligent organisation.

We will, through a choice of annual membership, provide a range of support and benefit packages, that will ensure that both the consistency and maintenance of the high quality of CQ delivery across the organisation continues.

Prerequisite: Completion of Leading Inclusively with Cultural Intelligence Masterclass

“I have found that Above Difference can equip staff with a toolkit of skills, knowledge and top tips to navigate the complicated demographic that we serve. I feel this programme is potentially a game changer and highly recommend it as exactly that.”

Lynne Spencer
Director of Corporate Affairs, HSIB