Our expert webinar series are created to educate and inform you about a wide variety of topics across Cultural Intelligence (CQ®) spectrum.

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Past Webinars

October 2021

Being a Black Female Leader in the Public Sector (The Hills We Climb)

Join five inspirational black female leaders in the UK public sector for this year’s Black History Month, as they discuss their personal journeys in leadership and the challenges facing black leaders today.  

Listen to personal insights into what it takes to succeed in the UK public sector and how concepts of Inclusive Leadership and Cultural Intelligence are changing the environment for future generations of BAME Leaders.

Recruiting and Promoting BAME Leaders Inclusively with Cultural Intelligence (CQ®)

The obligation and urgency to address inclusion at senior leadership levels particularly in the public sector has never been so intense as the impact of systematic inequities and inequalities on diverse communities are brought into stark focus by the Pandemic. Is it time for a new approach?

August 2020

Developing Culturally Intelligent Organisations Where Inclusion Works for All

This On-Demand webinar Jennifer Izekor and Dr. Sandra Upton, Vice President of Educational Initiatives, Cultural Intelligence Center, explore how (CQ®) can become a catalyst within organisations for systematic change that makes Inclusion a reality for all.

May 2020

Leading for Inclusion with Cultural Intelligence (CQ®) Post COVID 19

This webinar brings together a panel who are pioneers of Culturally Intelligent and Inclusive leadership in their fields. The President of the Cultural Intelligence Center USA and leaders from within the UK Public Sector including Policing, Government and the Health Sector.