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Above Difference “Emerging Good Practice” Expert Webinars

Equipping Leaders. Changing Cultures. Transforming Organisations

In celebration of our fifth birthday join our CEO and Founder Jennifer Izekor as she hosts a number of our current clients and partners in a series of Emerging Good Practice Webinars.  Facilitated by the Award-Winning Marsha Ramroop (CEO and Founder of Unheard Voice) discover how our unique model of Cultural Intelligence and Inclusive leadership is making a real difference for public sector leaders and their organisations. These free webinars are a must watch if you want to learn how to lead difference differently.

Why Culturally Intelligent and Inclusive leadership Matters in Maternity and Nursing Services

Broadcast: 5 October, 2023 

How can a unique combination of Cultural Intelligence, Inclusive Value Driven Leadership and effective Change Management respond to the leadership issues that have arisen in maternity services across the UK? Recent reports have highlighted the serious disproportionality in positive outcomes in maternity care for individuals with protected characteristics. In this webinar, Jennifer speaks to senior leaders across maternity care who have undertaken the Above Difference “Leading and Engaging Inclusively across Maternity Care,” Leadership programme. We will find out why some have called it the ”Best Leadership Programme they have been on in 30 years.”

With Rosemary Idiaghe, Head of Midwifery, Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust and Victoria Cochrane MBE, Divisional Director of Nursing & Midwifery at Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust.

Why Culturally Intelligent and Inclusive Leadership Matters for Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority Leaders

Broadcast: 27 September, 2023

What difference can Cultural Intelligence and Inclusive leadership make to leaders from Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority backgrounds and how can this help further the Race Equality Agenda?

In this enlightening session, Jennifer converses with inspiring leaders from these communities; Joselyn King Head of GP Partnerships, WorkforceRace Equality Standard (WRES) Expert and Multidisciplinary Race Equality Network Chair at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and Marsha Jones, Director of Quality Governance and Assurance SWL ICB, Clinical Lead PSIRF Implementation, Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust.

These leaders have successfully applied the Above Difference Approach to dismantle barriers to inclusion while enhancing their leadership styles. Furthermore, gain insights into how Jennifer has utilised Cultural Intelligence as the linchpin for her game-changing leadership model.

Why Culturally Intelligent and Inclusive Leadership Matters for the NHS

Broadcast: 11 September, 2023

In General Sir Gordon Messenger’s pivotal NHS report, “Leadership for a Collaborative and Inclusive Culture”, he posits that an organization’s inclusivity should be a cornerstone for evaluating leadership effectiveness. This sentiment is echoed in countless studies underscoring leaders’ pivotal roles in shaping inclusive and equitable cultures for diverse teams and stakeholders.

So, why is Culturally Intelligent and Intentionally Inclusive Leadership crucial for genuine, measurable progress in equity and inclusion? Above Difference operates on the principle that when leadership excels, it elevates everyone, without exception.

Watch Jennifer Izekor, Tim Couchman United Lincolnshire  Hospitals NHS Trust and Judith Friedman Clinical Director for Psychological Professions NELFT who are both implementing transformative change drawing on Above Difference’s unique methods.  Discover first hand how a Culturally Intelligent and  Intentionally Inclusive  approach to leadership is making significant strides in inclusion and equity across NHS Trusts.

Why Culturally Intelligent and Intentionally Inclusive leadership Matters in Policing, Ambulance and Fire and Rescue Services

Broadcast: 18 September, 2023

Recent UK reports, including Dame Louise Casey’s deep dive into Scotland Yard MPS, spotlight the urgent need for cultural shifts within Policing and Fire & Rescue Services. Central to these conversations? Leadership. But how can leaders spearhead genuine transformation in inclusion? What does it mean to Lead Difference Differently?

Discover “Why Culturally Intelligent and Intentionally Inclusive Leadership Matters in Policing, Ambulance and Fire and Rescue Services”. Join Jennifer in a candid dialogue with trailblazing leaders from Bedfordshire Police and Gloucester Fire & Rescue Services. Delve into their firsthand experiences of leveraging the Above Difference model of Culturally Intelligent and Intentional Inclusive leadership to redefine their organisational cultures and champion genuine inclusion.

With Phillip Wells, Assistant Chief Officer at Bedfordshire Police, Adam Openshaw, Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service, Jean Coles, until recently Assistant Chief Fire Officer from Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service and Andy Bennett QPM, College of Police.

Past Webinars

7 July 2022


Leading Difference Differently: Exploring the Role of Leaders in Improving the Lived Experience of Diverse Workforces and Communities

Jennifer Izekor, CEO & Founder of Above Difference, is joined in this webinar by expert guests Dr Sandra Upton and Harprit Hockley. The webinar explores the key role leaders play in shaping inclusive work cultures and the lived experience of workforces by learning and engaging with evidence based tools including Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and Inclusive and Values-based Leadership.

The panellists discuss The Messenger Review of June 2022 – the importance of its recommended approach, the challenges that leaders face in delivering the key elements and how to move from theory to practice and implement lived workplace cultures that are intentionally inclusive.

December 2021

Policing Inclusively in the UK with Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and Inclusive Leadership are playing an emerging role in creating better relationships between the police and the communities they serve.  With the police under immense scrutiny following several high profile cases and faced with unprecedented challenges driven by the pandemic and its multifarious demands on the public realm, the time for introducing new and proven approaches to policing is very much upon us.

Above Difference brought together an expert panel of speakers to discuss their ground-breaking work in responding to some of these challenges using the principles and practice of CQ and Inclusive Leadership.

You will hear about change on the ground from Avon & Somerset who were the first police force to commission Above Difference, alongside discussion of organisational development and increasing diversity in senior leadership as well as an international perspective.

October 2021

Being a Black Female Leader in the Public Sector (The Hills We Climb)

Join five inspirational black female leaders in the UK public sector for Black History Month 2021, as they discuss their personal journeys in leadership and the challenges facing black leaders today.  

Listen to personal insights into what it takes to succeed in the UK public sector and how concepts of Inclusive Leadership and Cultural Intelligence are changing the environment for future generations of BAME Leaders.

Recruiting and Promoting BAME Leaders Inclusively with Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

The obligation and urgency to address inclusion at senior leadership levels particularly in the public sector has never been so intense as the impact of systematic inequities and inequalities on diverse communities are brought into stark focus by the Pandemic. Is it time for a new approach?

August 2020

Developing Culturally Intelligent Organisations Where Inclusion Works for All

This On-Demand webinar Jennifer Izekor and Dr. Sandra Upton, Vice President of Educational Initiatives, Cultural Intelligence Center, explore how (CQ) can become a catalyst within organisations for systematic change that makes Inclusion a reality for all.