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Blue Light Services

Leading Inclusion Intentionally with CQ across Blue Light Services

Work Successfully with Difference

We provide tailored solutions for Blue Light Services that will help you take your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategies to a place where it makes a real difference for your whole Service.

Make a Real Difference

CQ goes beyond existing approaches of cultural sensitivity, unconscious bias and cultural awareness and sets out the skills, abilities and capabilities that individuals and Blue Light Services need, to successfully and respectfully work with difference and diversity.

Intentionally Inclusive and Culturally Intelligent

We are committed to working across the landscape of Blue Light Services to build intentionally inclusive, culturally intelligent organisations and teams where the diversity of the workforce is positively leveraged to produce better outcomes for individuals, staff and communities particularly those from marginalised communities.

Supporting the Journey

Explore our solutions and find out how we can partner with you to achieve a Culturally Intelligent and Inclusive organisation.

Who We Partner With

We are driven by creating a better, fairer and more inclusive UK public and community sector.

Avon & Somerset Constabulary

One of the UK’s largest police forces, Avon and Somerset, was the first Constabulary to adopt Cultural Intelligence (CQ) in Policing. The programme is leading to real time changes in the way that communities are policed. Officers with enhanced CQ are more confident in being with diverse communities and they are using their understanding of cultural values and CQ to shape their responses to communities in a range of contexts.

The Constabulary has become the first Culturally Intelligent Police Force in the country. In addition to the Leading Inclusively with CQ leadership programme, we worked with teams to embed the learning. We provided safe peer discussion groups for participants to develop their CQ and apply their learning to real-time challenges in working across diverse communities.

“Jennifer provides a fresh and academic yet practical perspective brimming with constructive and thought-provoking challenges that is helping make a huge change in our performance”.

Chief Constable Andy Marsh Avon & Somerset Constabulary