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August 2020

Developing Culturally Intelligent Organisations Where Inclusion Works for All

What does a Culturally Intelligent Organisation Look and Feel Like?

Research demonstrates that teams with high levels of CQ®, working within an Inclusive workplace culture, outperform their peers on every indicator – Productivity, Innovation, Creativity, Profitability.

Research also demonstrates that sustainable change in the Inclusion agenda will only happen where there is systematic and structural change to the way organisations work. Inclusion is an Organisational Developmental issue not just a HR challenge.

This On-Demand webinar Jennifer Izekor and Dr. Sandra Upton, Vice President of Educational Initiatives, Cultural Intelligence Center, explore how CQ® can become a catalyst within organisations for systematic change that makes Inclusion a reality for all.

  • What does a Culturally Intelligent organisation look like?
  • Where are the critical areas within an organisation where CQ® can make a real difference to the inclusion agenda?

What is the role of leaders in creating Culturally Intelligent workplace cultures?