The Journey

The reason we describe it as a journey recognises the fact that there are no quick fixes to the issue of inclusion, equality, and diversity. An organisation’s culture does not change to become inclusive overnight. The Cultural Intelligence (CQ®) and Inclusive Leadership path is a process that leads to a clearly defined destination.

All On Board

Working towards making equality, equity, and inclusion a lived-in reality in all organisations.

Plotting a New Course

By engaging with leaders and across their organisations on a journey allows that organisation:

  • To clearly define their journey;
  • engage without fear that their organisation does not have to ‘do differently’ overnight, but create a process; and
  • recognise that the journey needs to happen alongside other strategic journeys they are currently taking in their organisation.

We support public and community sector organisations on culturally intelligent and inclusive journeys, to make equality, equity, and inclusion a lived-in reality for individuals, communities, and groups who have found themselves excluded, marginalised, and unheard.

Four Key Directions

Sustainability – supporting organisation to map out a realistic journey so they can sustain their equity effort

Ownership – ensuring everyone in the organisation part of the journey. Not just focusing on single identity marginalised groups – everyone plays a part. At Above Difference, we say it has to be about everyone, or it is about no one.

Scalability –it’s important that we train facilitators in organisations to build capacity and embed a Cultural Intelligent (CQ®) and Inclusive culture

Relevance – truly understand why we suggest organisations no longer take the quick fix designation approach. And how the Cultural Intelligence (CQ®) and Inclusive journey ties into that particular organisations profit margins, effectiveness, and why it makes a difference to their customers, citizens, and communities they serve.