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The Journey

We help public and community sector leaders to shift from managing diversity to leading for inclusion.

From Managing Diversity

We work with leaders to help them understand the crucial difference between managing diversity and leading for inclusion. Managing diversity focuses on percentages and what the organisation ‘looks’ like. Taking a snapshot of your staff to see how many characteristics – age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation – you can you capture in a tick box. The problem with managing diversity is it doesn’t often focus on how those people ‘feel’, or on how effective and empowered they are able to be.

To Leading for Inclusion

We create leaders who recognise their role in leading inclusion. Who are innovative and creative about inclusion and understand its purpose. Who are able to focus on how they make their teams and organisations feel and the steps needed to create great workplaces for everyone. The leaders we work with, on leaving a masterclass tell us: “I understand why our recruitment policies are not working”, or “I understand what I need to do differently to create inclusive working spaces for all”.