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7 July 2022   Click image to view webinar

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Leading Difference Differently: Exploring the Role of Leaders in Improving the Lived Experience of Diverse Workforces and Communities

Over the last four years, Above Difference has focused on equipping public sector leaders with the skills, knowledge and ability to deliver Inclusive Leadership with Cultural Intelligence and shape inclusive cultures. 

The Messenger Review of June 2022,  ‘Leadership for a Collaborative and Inclusive Culture’, affirms the importance of this approach, advocating:

  • There is a need to educate leaders to ensure they understand their role in demonstrating and improving inclusive leadership
  • For the creation of a more central role for EDI in leadership training and development which, in turn, requires greater skills and understanding of the topic from those delivering the training
  • To recognise that EDI is important in its own right and key to how seriously an organisation treats the lived experience in the workforce
  • That the principles of EDI are embedded as the personal responsibility of every leader and every member of staff
  • That the provision of an inclusive and fair culture should become a key metric by which leadership at all levels is judged
  • Understanding the emerging challenges that leaders face in delivering these key elements, the webinar will discuss moving from theory to practice in the ‘how’ to develop workplace cultures that are intentionally inclusive.

The webinar introduces the unique Above Difference Leading for Inclusion Model and Dr Sandra Upton speaks about the key role that a robust approach to Change Management has to play in developing a sustainable and meaningful approach to EDI. Harprit Hockley shares key information about the journey she is leading her region on with this approach and its emerging benefits.