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November 2020

Recruiting and Promoting BAME Leaders Inclusively with Cultural Intelligence (CQ®)

The obligation and urgency to address inclusion at senior leadership levels particularly in the public sector has never been so intense as the impact of systematic inequities and inequalities on diverse communities are brought into stark focus by the Pandemic. Is it time for new approach?

Across the Public Sector, from the Civil Service to Education, Health and the Armed Forces to the Police, ethnic diversity remains significantly low across senior leadership roles despite significant investment in unconscious bias training and a range of other diversity initiatives to improve the picture.

Data tells us that the senior leaders that impact and influence diverse British lives are not representative of our multi-cultural population. A recent report by Green Park finds only 15 additional roles in BAME representation in the most senior posts in the UK since 2017. “Specifically, Black individuals are particularly under-represented with just 17 of the 1099 (senior) roles. The key findings also specify “Out of these only 3 are black females” Colour of Power 2020 

In this On-Demand the panellists, Jennifer Izekor, Founder Above Difference, Rob Neil, OBE former long serving Civil Service Servant; and Sarika Morrison, Acting Head of Organisational Development Avon and Somerset Constabulary, draw on their lived-in experience of working at senior levels across the public sector, they will explore how Cultural Intelligence (CQ®) and Inclusive leadership can add value and become the catalyst for systemic change when public sector organisations seek to attract, retain and progress diverse talent at senior levels.

  • The view from the top (When you get there).
  • What is not working at the moment and how can (CQ®) and Inclusive Leadership add value?
  • How does Organisational Culture and the cultural values, preferences and biases of individuals’ impact on the inclusive recruitment, retention, performance management and progression?
  • The argument for and against diverse recruitment panels from a CQ® perspective.
  • When ‘Tokenism’ ruins true Inclusion.
  • Visualising A Culturally Intelligent and Inclusive Approach to building, sustaining and releasing diverse talent streams.