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Recruiting , Retaining and Progressing Diverse Leadership Talent Inclusively with Cultural Intelligence (CQ) - A Leadership Masterclass

A two day Masterclass programme targeted at Senior Leaders across HR, Workforce Development and Organisational Development who have the power to introduce and lead real changes across their organisation.

Does leadership talent from diverse communities in your organisation ‘come and grow’?  Or do they ‘come and go’ or not even get there at all? 

Despite a plethora of initiatives, diverse representation at senior leadership level remains unacceptably low in both the public and private sector.

Join Above Difference CEO Jennifer Izekor on this unique Masterclass as she leads you through a fresh approach to recruitment, retaining and progression that is making a real difference to our clients.

Our unique Masterclass draws on the robust and academically validated theories if Cultural Intelligence (CQ) but explored within the context of Value Driven Inclusive Leadership and Culture Change Management.

We believe these elements are fundamental to achieving the culture change that will create fully inclusive workplaces where talent from all backgrounds really can ‘Come, Stay and Grow’.

There is no requirement for participants to have attended any previous Above Difference Masterclass programmes; the content references our acclaimed one-day Public Masterclass ‘Leading Inclusively with Cultural Intelligence’

What will participants take away from this programme?

  • An in-depth understanding of Cultural Intelligence (CQ) as it applies to their own Inclusive Leadership Agenda 
  •  Understand how CQ can be used in the context of Value Driven Inclusive Leadership to create real change in talent management for individuals from diverse backgrounds
  • A fresh perspective – underpinned by CQ and Inclusive Leadership within which to re-examine their existing recruitment, retention and progression processes, policies and procedures
  • An enhanced understanding of how they can introduce culturally intelligent strategies to their existing approaches and improve the outcomes and lived experiences of their diverse workforce (esp. individuals from black and minatory ethnic backgrounds)
  • A copy their own CQ Assessment report and access to an e-learning programme
  • A range of printed materials and reading lists to support their journey as they work in their organisations to implement the changes in culture and systems that will increase inclusive talent retention
  • A personal and organisational change implementation plan
How will the Programme be Delivered?

The Programme will be delivered virtually, in two parts:

  1. One day Masterclass on 17th May 2022
  2. Follow up half day Group Planning and Implementation Session on 24th June 2022 to offer participants the opportunity to explore applying the principal they have learnt to real challenges

The fee of £625.00 (+VAT) covers the cost of both sessions.