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Moving into Leadership with Cultural Intelligence (CQ®) for BAME Leaders

A Cultural Intelligence (CQ®) Workshop specifically designed for BAME leadership aspirants to complement ongoing leadership programmes.

About the Masterclass

This programme is designed to help BAME leaders understand how Cultural Intelligence (CQ) can enhance their leadership skills and understand how cultural values and preferences can impact on their leadership style.

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is defined as the capability to work effectively across diverse cultural contexts. It is an academically validated approach that equips participants with a core set of capabilities and skills. CQ equips leaders to adapt when working across diverse cultural contexts by helping them adapt their leadership styles to engage effectively with people from diverse backgrounds.

CQ offers a unique set of skills and capabilities to BAME leaders/aspiring leaders equipping them to successfully navigate the diverse range of cultures that can sometimes form barriers to progression in their careers. CQ also offers BAME Leaders insight into their own cultural value preferences and helps them to understand how these inform the way they interact with others. It equips participants who complete the programme to be Culturally Intelligent and Inclusive leaders equipped to make diversity and inclusion work for all.

This programme is unique to Above Difference, developed by Jennifer Izekor – a BAME woman with extensive experience of leadership within the Public Sector. Jennifer is a John Maxwell leadership coach, facilitator and trainer, and an Accredited Advanced Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Trainer. She has developed this course based on years of coaching and mentoring aspiring BAME leaders and she is passionate about helping BAME leaders to find and develop the leader within.

As a Participant You Will Receive:

  • A Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Online Assessment
  • A copy of “What’s Your CQ?”
  • A copy of “Expand Your Borders” by David Livermore Ph.d
  • A Cultural Intelligence and Inclusive Leadership Personal Development Plan
  • A One to One/ Small Group Leadership Development Session following the programme
  • Access to online learning resources

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding and awareness of their own Cultural Intelligence (CQ), Values and preferences, and how to adapt these effectively, where necessary when working/leading in diverse cultural settings.
  • Develop enhanced skills, capabilities, and abilities to work at a range of levels across their organisations, navigating different organisational and team cultures effectively and enhancing their career progression.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the impact of other people’s Cultural Values on them and how to navigate these effectively. Specifically overcoming barriers to progression and achieving their full potential.
  • Complement other leadership development programmes with a deeper understanding of how culture can define their leadership style.
  • Understand how CQ can equip them to adapt their confidence and leadership styles to work across diverse teams and cultures.