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The CQ Assessments measure an individuals’ capabilities to work and relate effectively with people from different nationalities, ethnicities, and cultural background.

CQ Basic Assessment

This tool is designed to assess the four factors and 13 sub dimensions of Cultural Intelligence (CQ®). Personalised feedback reports compare CQ® scores with the worldwide norms and include a personalised development plan.

CQ® Capabilities

The Cultural Intelligence Assessment evaluates effectiveness in diverse situations by measuring capabilities in four distinct areas:

  • CQ Drive
  • CQ Knowledge
  • CQ Strategy
  • CQ Action

CQ® Assessments

CQ Assessments measures one’s:

  • motivation to interact with people who are different from them
  • knowledge about similarities and differences across cultures
  • ability to strategise before an interaction with someone who is different from them
  • ability to adapt and flex when interactions don’t go according to plan

A Tailored Journey

Cultural Intelligence is also malleable. This means it can be enhanced and improved through a variety of learning methods.

The assessments are delivered in partnership with The Cultural Intelligence Center

And are part of the attendance criteria for our Masterclasses

The CQ Assessments are built upon extensive, peer-reviewed, research.