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How do I book a place?

Booking is flexible and easy.  Either contact us directly or use our new Stripe payment system.

Contact Us Directly

Simply click on the button below, fill in the brief form and we will get in touch with you to discuss how you can secure a place for yourself or colleagues. If you are a public sector employee we are able to issue invoices and your place will be confirmed once we receive a Purchase Order Number

Investment: £1,500 + VAT per participant

Stripe Payment System

In response to clients requesting a quick and easy payment solution for Masterclasses, we have partnered with Stripe. Simply click on the button below and you will be taken to a secure,  stand alone Stripe payment page where you can complete your purchase. There is a Stripe processing and handing fee for this service of £30.

Investment: £1,530 + VAT per participant

Do I get a discount if we book more than one place?

Yes, discounts are available, as are reduced prices for Community or Voluntary organisations. You need to  Contact Us Directly as discounts cannot be negotiated through the Stripe payment system. Place the number of participants you are looking to book and we will contact you directly with our best price.

Programme Details

28 & 29 June 2023

Participants will receive:


Two full day virtual Masterclass facilitation sessions


One Coaching/Debriefing Session with an Above Difference Expert Coach and facilitator

Interactive Leadership Development Hubs

Two Change and Develop Leadership Hubs

Ongoing Phone Support

Expert phone support

Leadership Network

Membership of the Above Difference #toseeandhearyou Leadership Network

£1,500 +VAT per participant

Are you a leader who wants to lead difference differently in your organisation? Do you want to enhance the narrative around the Inclusion agenda and learn a new set of skills, capabilities and approaches that will help you lead and engage your workforce in creating a real sense of belonging and Inclusion in your organisation where everyone feels valued, seen and heard?​

We believe that when leaders lead well, they commit to leading all people well and we also believe everyone deserves to be well led. At Above Difference we are committed to supporting leaders by helping them find the “how” and enabling them to create inclusive spaces where all feel valued and well led.

We have developed a unique and acclaimed model that takes leaders on a journey of growth, development and change, introducing new models, evidence-based approaches that challenge and changing the traditional approaches to addressing the Inclusion agenda. Our aim is to develop leaders who are able to take a fresh and robust leadership approach and deploy their proven leadership and change management skills to deliver real, strategic and sustainable change for their workforce and stakeholders where it counts.

Drawing on proven leadership theories including Maxwell Leadership, John Kotter, Dave Livermore and Schein, this programme challenges leaders to view Inclusion as a leadership challenge echoing Lord Messenger’s recommendations that ‘EDI should become a universal indicator of how the system respects and values its workforce, and the provision of an inclusive and fair culture should become a key metric by which leadership at all levels is judged’.

The Programme – A Journey to Intentionally Inclusive Leadership

Our two-day Masterclass Programme will differ from anything you have attended before around Inclusion. You will be introduced to the Above Difference Model of “Leading Inclusively with Cultural Intelligence” – a unique mix of academic and evidence-based tools and strategies that will transform your ability to lead and facilitate Inclusive and Compassionate workplaces for those you lead and serve. 

Our model draws on the best of Cultural Intelligence, Change Management, Strength Value-Based, and Inclusive Leadership to create a unique programme that will challenge and change how you engage as a leader in the EDI space. It will equip you with new leadership tools while building your resilience and confidence in dealing with the challenges of leading diverse teams and organisations. Participants will:

  • Take a 360° Cultural Intelligence Assessment to help you understand how your cultural values, preferences, and norms shape how you engage with Difference.
  • Learn how to enhance and develop their Cultural Intelligence and work and relate more effectively across diverse teams and contexts.
  • Learn how to develop, enhance and deploy their Inclusive leadership skills and create inclusive cultures in their workplaces and teams.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the importance of a clearly defined Change Management approach to delivering sustainable change in the EDI agenda, drawing on Kotter’s change model.
  • Develop their understanding of Value-Based leadership and why understanding the “WHY’ matters to leaders leading Inclusion.

Participants who undertake this programme will walk away with:

  • A two-day virtual Masterclass hosted by Jennifer Izekor (Jennifer has been described by Dave Livermore , Author ofLeading with Cultural Intelligence as probably one of the best Cultural Intelligence facilitators in the World. She is a CQ fellow, A Maxwell Leadership Coach and an Advanced CQ facilitator).
  • A follow up “ Inclusive Leadership Coaching/Mentoring session” to support participants in developing their own Personal Leadership Action Plan.
  • Two follow on virtual half day Design, Innovate and Implement sessions providing an opportunity to apply learning form the Masterclass.
  • Access to the Above Difference Leaders For Inclusion Network.
“Was so impressed by our programme yesterday – a much richer approach to equality and diversity in the workplace than I’d ever seen before. Thank you Above Difference!”
“Highly recommend this programme to trust exec boards – learning about inclusivity together and also how we can create the environment for change through our leadership and the privilege we have in the posts we hold”
C. Alexander, NHS Barts Health Board Member