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Inclusion in a Very English Way. Why Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Makes Inclusion, Inclusive

Why we need to constantly question our assumptions about what Inclusion looks and feels like from different cultural perspectives.


Disrupting Unconscious Bias: Recognising Evidence Based Cultural Intelligence and Inclusion

Unconscious Bias (UB) Awareness workshops have been recommended as a panacea to the Diversity and Inclusion concerns. However, at Above Difference we’d like to offer you an alternative.


Could CQ and Inclusive Leadership be the long awaited catalyst for change?

Is it time to take a different and more radical approach to diversifying the colour of leadership in the public sector? What can CQ offer that hasn’t been tried before?


What’s a culturally intelligent and inclusive leader and how do you know you are one?

Leading the way to intentional inclusion begins with embracing ambiguity and exploring the depth of difference.


How does your organisation feel?

Emerging research demonstrates that having a diverse organisation or team is not enough.