Leading Inclusively With Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Executive Leadership Masterclass

Course Information

About Above Difference

We are the leading provider of Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and Inclusive leadership programmes and organisational development support to the Public Sector in the United Kingdom. Above Difference Limited is the only strategic partner of the Cultural Intelligence Center, Michigan US.

The Cultural Intelligence Center owns the trademark to Cultural Intelligence (CQ®); therefore, the Cultural Intelligence Center and its licensed partners (e.g., Above Difference) are the only ones authorised to administer and use the CQ Assessments. The CQ® Assessments are the only academically valid measurement of cultural intelligence in the world.

Above Difference, works with public-facing organisations to develop Culturally Intelligent leaders and teams that create and sustain inclusive, diverse, and compassionate workplaces and deliver better outcomes for communities.

We deliver customised programmes designed around the needs of the UK public sector. Above Difference believes that single stand-alone ‘diversity training programmes’ do not change or modify behaviour or attitudes, around diversity and inclusion. We believe in an approach that combines training with a range of flexible measures designed to deliver sustainable learning and develop resilience and leadership capacity for change within organisations. We focus specifically on working with leaders in organisations because we recognise that leaders define organisational culture. We believe that Culturally Intelligent and Inclusive Leaders facilitate and create culturally intelligent, compassionate, and inclusive workplaces.

Our combined Cultural Intelligence and Inclusive Leadership approach is unique to Above Difference. It draws on a solution-focused model that supports our clients to build Culturally Intelligent organisations where everyone feels valued and empowered to achieve their full potential as employees and receive the best service irrespective of their background as patients, families, and stakeholders.

Everything Rises and Falls With Leadership

John. C. Maxwell

Why Do Leaders Need Cultural Intelligence?

Listen to Dave Livermore PH.D and President of the Cultural Intelligence Center USA.

At Above Difference, we believe that leaders play a vital role in defining and setting any organisation’s culture. Recent events have highlighted the need for organisations to become more inclusive, compassionate, and understanding about the experiences of people from ‘other’ backgrounds and cultures who work with and for them or engage with their services.

The need goes beyond understanding; it is about empowering and enabling leaders at all levels within the organisation to recognise the key and vital role they play in determining how their teams, departments, organisations, and boardrooms feel to people who are different. The focus is moving away from leaders concerned about how their organisations look to those who understand the importance of how they feel. Are you leading an organisation, team, department where everyone feels welcomed, valued, and able to achieve their full potential? Does your staff survey highlight that some staff feel more bullied, harassed, misunderstood?

Do you understand how culture shapes the way you relate to difference and will shape the way people in your team and department behave?

This unique programme is built on the robust theoretical and research-based Cultural Intelligence (CQ) model and draws in principles of Inclusive leadership. Participants will be encouraged to deepen their understanding of culture, cultural values while exploring how their personal leadership style is shaped and influenced by culture. The CQ Model explained by Dave Livermore above helps leaders understand how to become more proactive and courageous in their leadership of the Inclusion agenda using their position to leverage diversity for the best possible outcomes for staff, customers, and stakeholders

Course Objectives

By the end of the programme, leaders will:

  • Develop a detailed understanding of what Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is, and how personal cultural values and preferences impact on interactions with diverse individuals, teams, and organisations.
  • Have a clear understanding and awareness about the breadth and diversity of ‘cultures’ encountered day-to-day and how CQ can help ensure inclusion across diverse teams.
  • Understand how their personal leadership/management style impacts; positively or negatively, on inclusion within teams, on customers, and stakeholders and how to build resilience and confidence as Inclusive Leaders.
  • Understand how to apply CQ to challenging situations, leading to better and more favourable outcomes, particularly for staff, patients, and stakeholders with protected characteristics.
  • Gain an awareness of the concepts of Inclusive leadership and how that impacts on their personal leadership style.
  • Have a clear understanding of what it takes to be a CQI (Culturally Intelligent and Inclusive Leader) Leader recognizing the core elements of Inclusive Leadership and what steps they need to take as a leader to develop and grow accordingly.

Where this programme is delivered in-house, we will work with your OD and Inclusion Team to adapt it to the needs of the organisation ensuing that the theory and principles of CQ and Inclusive leadership are applied to local challenges and issues. Participants will be expected to review their orgainsations EDI strategies from a Culturally Intelligent perspective and work together to develop action plans to enhance inclusion across the organisation.

Course Materials

Each participant will either undertake a CQ Pro Assessment, or a 360º multi-Rater CQ Assessment before taking part in the programme. Participants who undertake the 360º multi-Rater Assessment will nominate a minimum of four observers to receive the CQ Assessment questionnaire on their behalf. The findings generated will; help participants understand how their peers and reports experience their approach to working with difference and is a helpful way of raising levels of self awareness and gaps in skills and capabilities.

The CQ® Assessments are the only academically valid measurement of cultural intelligence in the world. In addition, each participant will receive:

  • A Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Online Assessment
  • A Personalised report which is downloadable from their personal CQ Portal.
  • A Copy of “What’s Your CQ?”
  • A copy of “Expand Your Borders” by David Livermore Ph.D
  • Access to online learning resources.

We love hearing what people have to say about our programmes. Here are some of the comments people have made having attended one of our programmes:

“Amazing, challenging, inspiring day thanks Above Difference, blown away reflecting on Cultural Intelligence, what it means to me personally, my role as a leader and our culture. Excited and energized for the future and Difference we can make through inclusive leadership
Dr. Sara Munro, CEO Leeds and York PFT

“A fantastic team development day with Above Difference today on Cultural Intelligence. Jennifer, thank you, the system needs this. A great complementary offer Building Leadership For Inclusion. Inspiring and thought-provoking
Tracie Jolliff, Head of Inclusion NHS Leadership Academy

“Jennifer provides a fresh, academic yet practical perspective brimming with a constructive and thought provoking challenge that is helping us make a step-change in our performance
Chief Constable Andy Marsh, Avon and Somerset Constabulary

“Jennifer, you are fabulous, one of the best training experiences I’ve had in 30+ years in Health and Social Care
S.Denmark, NHS England

Why Invest in this Programme for You and Your Leaders?

What is the ROI for individuals and organisations? According to the CQ Center, Research reveals promising outcomes for individuals with enhanced CQ. These findings are very relevant to the UK Public Sector as leaders seek to create compassionate and inclusive workplace cultures where staff from all backgrounds feel valued and included.

Intercultural Adjustment

CQ is a consistent predictor of how leaders adjust in multicultural settings (e.g., the ability to work, lead, and adapt to an environment where the assumptions, values, and traditions differ from their own. This is particularly important for leaders leading teams, departments, and organisations where there is considerable visible and invisible diversity. Individuals who develop their CQ are less likely to experience burnout from intercultural work and teams.

Judgment and Decision Making

CQ predicts one’s ability to assess a situation in a culturally diverse situation and make effective decisions that reflect the workforce’s diverse needs. This is particularly important for leaders making decisions about performance, disciplinary’s, and challenging situations where individuals from diverse backgrounds are concerned.

Overall Work Performance

CQ predicts an individual’s overall job performance in culturally diverse situations. This includes leading a multicultural team to accomplish a shared goal and strategically managing the diversity in teams and organisations. The research on performance-oriented outcomes related to high CQ is extensive, including effective communication, leadership development, and partnership development. A few of the areas of performance predicted based upon CQ include:

  • Technical proficiency
  • Trust Building
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Customer/stakeholder service

For more information, Please contact Jennifer.izekor@abovedifference.com