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Giving You the 'How'

Our Cultural Intelligence (CQ®) and Inclusive Leadership programmes provide a framework to achieve a visible impact that makes a difference for the lives of the people you work with; and how to embed the framework into all operations and processes of your organisation.

Work Effectively Across Diverse Cultural Contexts

Create inclusive workspaces by incorporating CQ into what you do every day.

Real World Solutions

Our approach is built on providing researched, tangible and actionable solutions. We see little merit in partnering and working with clients only to highlight their problems. We know our clients are aware of the complexities of integrating the inclusion, equality, and diversity agenda into their organisation. Our focus rests on showing a clear pathway to effective, inclusive leadership.

The ‘how’ is our differentiator. 

Why? Because we ensure that clients leave our programmes having identified what to do and how to implement at least one change within their organisation.

Real change that clients can begin to implement immediately – be it looking at their recruitment processes, performance management systems, or perhaps looking at the way their organisation asks people and communities to engage with them.

A Definitive Approach

There are four definitive benefits that clearly separate CQ from other approaches:

Developmental –you can grow your cultural intelligence. Whatever level of cultural intelligence you begin with, you can increase it on your journey.

Researched – it’s based on solid, robust academic research. This isn’t a ‘nice to have’ – there is 30 years credible research behind CQ.

Frameworked – a clearly defined framework means every facilitator works to a defined  model developed by the Cultural Intelligence Center. The capabilities are clear and the cultural values are defined.

Predictive – we know, because research tells us, your level of cultural intelligence will define how you make decisions, or how resilient you are when working across cultures. This means participants not only understand the journey they are undertaking, but know exactly exactly where it is going to take them.