Developing Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Integrated Care System as a Culturally Intelligent and Inclusively Led Service. A Change Journey.


My name is Jennifer Izekor and I am the CEO and Founder of Above Difference Limited, one of the most innovative and fastest rising Inclusive Leadership and Cultural Intelligence consultancies and Top 10 Inclusion & Diversity Providers in the UK today.

Our approach is unique. We believe Inclusion is about everyone or it is about no-one so we work across the whole inclusion agenda. We want to enable leaders to lead all their people well, irrespective of where they come from or what specific barriers or challenges they may face.

We think Inclusion is a leadership challenge and on this programme our aim will be to create psychologically safe spaces in which you can develop a range of evidence-based tools, techniques, skills and capabilities to help you lead all your people well and be at the forefront of providing services that make all people feel valued, seen and heard.

For us it’s never about a single interaction or training session, its about a journey of personal and professional transformation that helps you become a better leader for all, while also building your resilience and professional toolbox.  

We are really excited to be working with Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Integrated Care Service and to supporting Jan’s commitment and vision to deliver inclusive leadership within the organisation and through this, provide enhanced services for the customers and communities you serve. 

Below you will find some details about the programme and your journey as a participant. Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions and I really look forward to meeting you


Welcome to the Above Difference Programme

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about the Above Difference Programme.

As Chief Executive Officer of NHS Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Integrated Care Board (ICB) I am committed to leading for and creating inclusive spaces. Which is why we are fully embracing the Above Difference Programme and are excited to be part of the change for our local area.

We cannot continue to have workplaces that are not culturally inclusive. Places that our staff and volunteers do not feel they can bring their whole selves to work. Places where our staff are not treated equitably.

By becoming a more inclusive workplace, we will be better able to recruit staff from a range of different backgrounds to work in our area. This will help us tackle workforce shortages, ensure people can progress in their careers with us, and more importantly, help us to deliver great care to our diverse population. That’s why it is of strategic importance to us that we create an inclusive environment that people want to work in, and where everyone can feel they have fair and equitable access to progression.

I am excited to be part of our evolution and progression to a fairer, more inclusive space for all, and see this programme as a vital step in that journey.

Jan Thomas

Jan Thomas

Chief Executive Officer

NHS Cambridgeshire & Peterborough ICB


Why have you been invited to be part of this programme – what is it about?

The Above Difference ‘Leading and Engaging Inclusively with Cultural Intelligence’ leadership programme has been described by Wessex Academic Health Science as;

“A valuable and commissionable intervention to support senior health system leaders enhance their cultural awareness. It effected a change in participants’ understanding, a change in their personal approach to leadership, and there were indications this would be sustained into the future.

This unique programme for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Integrated Care System will offer participants an opportunity to:

  • Develop your Cultural Intelligence, Inclusive Leadership skills and capabilities thereby enhancing your ability to engage, lead and relate with diverse peers, colleagues, patients and communities
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how your own preferences and biases influence your leadership style and be introduced to a range of proven tools, techniques to help you lead and facilitate inclusive and compassionate workplaces and services
  • Explore principles of a value driven, strength-based approach to Inclusive Leadership while learning how to create positive dialogues around inclusion, manage difficult conversations and create teams and departments where all feel valued, seen and heard

Programme Approach

I’ve done Cultural Awareness Programmes before , what’s different about this one?

This programme is a bespoke one developed by the Award-Winning Above Difference. It draws together 4 Models:

  • Cultural Intelligence(CQ) which is the capability to work and relate effectively across diverse cultural contexts
  • Value Driven/Strengths based Leadership which focuses on values, behaviour and attitudes while building internal resilience
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Change Leadership

These carefully curated elements are designed to help you achieve your full potential as a leader and an individual.  We will explore issues of leadership, influence , culture and personal effectiveness.  Together you will learn new principles but also have opportunities through the workshops to apply these to specific challenges for inclusion in your workplace.

Programme Approach:

Your programme will consist of:

2-day In-person Masterclass Programme
Individual CQ Assessments
Dream & Apply Workshop
Design & Innovate Workshop
Culture Change Facilitators Programme
Recruitment Pilot

The Journey

At Above Difference we have developed a learner pathway transformational journey that is designed to equip you with new skills and capabilities and then offer you the opportunity to practice ‘flexing your CQ and Inclusive Leadership Skills’ in a safe learning environment. These are our design, dream and apply’ workshops which will help you become real change makers.  The journey will differ slightly for each programme but at its heart is a tried and tested pathway that is designed to go beyond a ‘training programme’ and create a unique journey that will challenge, change and transform each participant.  

Your Participant Journey


Participants will belong to one of three cohorts who will take the programme together. The Masterclass and other programme elements are designed to meet the specific needs of each cohort. 

Cohort A is designed for senior leaders who sit on the organisations Board. It is up to each organisation to idenfity who will participate. Ideally the cohort will have a mix of roles participating. 

Cohort B is designed for leaders who report to executive/board level directors for example Deputy Directors, Divisional Directors, Associate Directors, Clinical Directors. Again, ideally there will be a mix of roles. participating. 

Cohort C is designed for leaders from Black,Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds, Staff Network Chairs/Co-Chairs/Deputies and Cultural Ambassadors.

Introduce & Define

You are invited to watch a briefing session with Jennifer Izekor CEO and Programme Design and Facilitator, which will be distributed to you.  This video will introduce patricians to the journey and key terminology.

Following this, you will be sent a link so you can take a CQ assessment and do some prework prior to the programme. You will also receive a Participant Personal Log Folder.

Equip & Upskill

You will be invited to attend our two-days, in-person Inclusive Leadership with Cultural Intelligence Masterclass for your specific cohort.    

Cohort A: 15th February & 19th March 2024

Cohort B:  25th January & 29th February 2024

Cohort C:  1st February & 12th March 2024

Dream & Apply and Design & Innovate

These elements will be delivered as a full day Culture Change (Planning & Implementation) in person  interactive workshopYou will be working together on applying your learning to a very specific challenge.

Cohort A:  16th April 2024

Cohort B:  21st March 2024

Cohort C:  18th April 2024

Developing Internal Capacity for Change: Cultural Intelligence & Inclusive Leadership Culture Change Facilitators

10 Leaders from the Programmes will be trained as CIIL Culture Change Facilitators, over a three-month development programme  with nine month follow on support.  6th-10th May 2024.

Three month development programme includes one week of initial training, follow on coaching and support.

Nine month on demand support programme

Recruiting, Progressing and Promoting Progressively with Cultural Intelligence Pilot

Partners across the system are supported to apply Cultural Intelligence, Inclusive Leadership and Change Management methodologies to challenges around inclusive recruitment, progression and promotion.

30 participants will be drawn from a maximum of six organisations selected through the ICS Programme Management Group.

Six Virtual Task and Finish Groups will be drawn.

Dates tbc, following the above phases of the programme.

Programme Schedule

Please find below a schedule of our sessions together

First Week January 2024

Introduce & Define Briefing Session (Recorded)

CQ Assessment and Preliminary Work disseminated

 25th January & 29th February 2024

Cohort B, Equip & Skill Masterclasses

1st February & 12th March 2024

Cohort C, Equip & Skill Masterclass    

15th February & 19th March 2024

Cohort A, Equip & Skill Masterclass    

21st March 2024

Cohort B, Culture Change Planning & Implementation Workshop

18th April 2024

Cohort C, Culture Change Planning & Implementation Workshop

16th April 2024

Cohort A, Culture Change Planning & Implementation Workshop

 6th – 10th May 2024

Cultural Intelligence and Inclusive Leadership Culture Change Facilitators

TBC 2024

Recruiting, Progressing and Promoting Progressively with Cultural Intelligence Pilot


Your workshops will be facilitated by Jennifer izekor. CEO and Founder of Above Difference 

and or an Above Difference Advanced Facilitator

All venues TBC

Programme Resources

Resources to support your journey will be uploaded throughout the programme

Developing Yourself as a Culturally Intelligent and Inclusive Leader Part 1: Exploring Culture and Cultural Value Dimensions 

What’s Your CQ 

Where are your Cultual Connections?

Programme Resources

The “Leading and Engaging Inclusively with Cultural Intelligence” Introductory Session

Thank you for coming this far. This 45-minute presentation is an introduction to the programme and will introduce you to Above Differences and tell you all about the unique Inclusive Leadership programme that Cambridgeshire and Peterborough ICS has signed up for. Please find time in your busy schedule to watch it as it will help you prepare for the programme. If you have any issues accessing the presentation, please contact us on

“Incredibly insightful session. It has completely opened my eyes in new ways, I feel far more confident to advocate for others and respectfully challenge inequity both inside and outside of work. My passions have been ignited, I feel stronger and more competent in my role as a result of these sessions”.


Want to know more about what we do and how we do it? Then check out our 5th Birthday Expert & Emerging Good Practice Webinar Series and hear why our Model of Culturally Intelligent and Inclusive Leadership is making such a lasting difference for our clients

The Above Difference Programme Team

Lead Facilitator

Jennifer Izekor 
Founder and CEO, Above Difference

Senior Associate Facilitator

Andy Bennett QPM 
Executive Leadership Coach


Kehinde Alisha Rees
Director of Operations

Executive Support

Elizabeth Odioko.                                                         Executive Assistant to the CEO

Corporate Relations

Neyma Mildred Ali
Corporate Relations Manager