Seeing, Hearing, Valuing, Belonging – The Leadership Challenge

A Unique Residential Cultural Intelligence (CQ) & Inclusive Leadership Event for Above Difference Executive Leaders


Jennifer Izekor
(Founder and CEO, Above Difference)

David Livermore
(President of the Cultural Intelligence Center and
Author of “Leading with Cultural Intelligence”)


Featuring a Number of Leadership Experts




Dear Colleague,

The public killing of George Floyd and the subsequent BLM movement highlighted the real and ongoing issues for leaders trying to create inclusive workplaces where bias, negative stereotyping, and discriminatory behaviour become a thing of the past. 

Over the last two years, Above Difference has had the privilege of working with over 1500 senior leaders across the UK public sector. Our leader participants are drawn from Health, Education, Policing, Central and Local Government. They have come with a shared challenge; ensuring that individuals from all backgrounds who work alongside them, in their workforce and as service users, feel seen, heard and valued.

Leaders who have attended our Masterclasses tell us that embedding Cultural Intelligence (CQ®) and Inclusive Leadership is going a long way to helping them navigate some of those thorny challenges to bring real and sustainable change for the Inclusion agenda at all levels.

Yet, there is so much more to do to ensure that public sector staff and stakeholders from all backgrounds feel seen, heard, valued and psychologically safe to do and be their best at work. 

Later this year, we are launching our campaign – #toseeandhearyou, a unique call to arms for leaders committed to ensuring the visibility of, and engagement with their employees and service users from all backgrounds.

As part of this and in line with our commitment to public sector leaders, you are invited to our inaugural 24 hour Leadership Event:

Seeing, Hearing, Valuing, Belonging – The Leadership Challenge.

I will be hosting the event with Prof. Dave Livermore, Founder and President of the Cultural Intelligence Center and arguably one of the world’s leading authorities on Culturally Intelligent Leadership. 

We are bringing together 30 leaders from across the public sector to discuss and learn from the realities we are facing in the new post-George Floyd and pandemic landscape, with a particular focus on equality and inclusion. In doing so we will explore how to meet and exceed the challenges of the future while fostering culturally intelligent and inclusive organisations where diversity works for all.

This will be a group of leaders who truly want to make this difference by relentlessly pursuing our plans and actions and this event is an opportunity to come together in a private session to develop these themes freely.

What will you gain by attending this event? You will have the opportunity to meet with other leaders who, like you, are committed to making their organisations Culturally Intelligent and Inclusive workspaces, where all feel seen, heard and valued. You will hear directly from leading authorities on CQ, Inclusive Leadership and Inclusion and learn about what really makes a difference. You will get to do all of this in a safe space where you will be challenged yet given the space to find real solutions to the challenges you and your workforce face in changing the lived experiences of marginalised staff and stakeholders.

You will also get to spend time with Professor Dave Livermore, drawing on lessons from his work with leaders and governments internationally. You will have a choice of workshops on CQ, Inclusion, Inclusive Leadership and an opportunity for a much-needed change of pace in the beautiful and safe setting of the Royal Berkshire Hotel.

I really look forward to welcoming you to this event.

This is an invitation-only event sponsored by Above Difference as part of our commitment to the public sector and we wish to thank you for the immense sacrifices all your organisations have made over the last two years.

Please RSVP to by Monday 27 September. If I do not hear from you by this date, I will understand you are unable to attend and offer your invitation to someone else.

There will be no cost to you or your organisation to attend, but if you have confirmed your attendance and cancel within 48 hours, we may invoice your organisation for the cost of your room.

Jennifer Izekor
Above Difference, Founder & Executive Director


You will be one of 30 leaders invited to this event and your invitation is non-transferable.

Please RSVP by Monday 27 September to to confirm your place as we will need to offer it to someone on the waiting list if you are unable to accept.

In the event that you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, we will need to invoice you for the cost of your room as it will be too late to offer it to anyone else or recoup any losses we will make by giving the establishment sufficient notice.



Above Difference is looking forward to holding live events, and  remains vigilant of the evolving situation with Covid-19 and government guidance on holding in person events. 

Above Difference will only use event venues that have a robust Covid-19 policy with all safety precautions in place; ensuring there is adequate ventilation with fresh air circulating, hand sanitation and personal space. 


  • For all in-person events we ask that participants take a lateral flow test in the 24 hours before attending and do not attend if the result is positive. 
  • Anyone showing symptoms of Covid-19 in the 48 hours before the event must not attend. 
  • Participants must not attend if they have been told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace. 

As we keep the situation under review, please be aware that should Covid safety regulations prevent ‘Seeing, Hearing, Valuing, Belonging – The Leadership Challenge’ event from taking place in person it will remain an exclusive, invite-only virtual event for leaders committed to attend, and we will communicate any change of plans promptly.