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Culturally Intelligent and Inclusive Leadership for Public and Community Sector Organisations

Inclusive, compassionate and equitable workplace cultures where diverse communities thrive.

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Giving Leaders and Organisations the 'How'

Tangible solutions that create visible impact on inclusion – built on a framework we help you embed into all of your organisation’s operations and processes.

Advance Your Journey to Intentionally Inclusive Leadership

The Cultural Intelligence (CQ®) and Inclusive Leadership journey is a process that leads to a clearly defined destination of inclusion, equality and diversity.

Lead, Engage and Relate Effectively Across Diverse Cultural Contexts

Gain the skills, capabilities, behaviours and attitudes to facilitate inclusive work environments.

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Realise Your Potential as a Culturally Intelligent and Inclusive Leader

We provide research based tools, training and assessments to build Cultural Intelligence that give public and community sector leaders the 'how' of inclusive leadership


Leading Difference Differently

To meet the needs of public and community sector leadership, we have developed a unique approach that combines inclusive leadership theory with Cultural Intelligence (CQ) to create programmes that enable leaders to shift from managing diversity to leading for inclusion. Why? Because we know leaders define culture, and the culture of an organisation or team will ultimately dictate how included, and in turn, valued and seen its people are.

What We Do

We help public and community sector leaders to shift from managing diversity to leading for inclusion.

From Managing Diversity

We work with leaders to help them understand the crucial difference between managing diversity and leading for inclusion. Managing diversity focuses on percentages and what the organisation ‘looks’ like. Taking a snapshot of your staff to see how many characteristics – age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation – you can you capture in a tick box. The problem with managing diversity is it doesn’t often focus on how those people ‘feel’, or on how effective and empowered they are able to be.

To Leading for Inclusion

We create leaders who recognise their role in leading inclusion. Who are innovative and creative about inclusion and understand its purpose. Who are able to focus on how they make their teams and organisations feel and the steps needed to create great workplaces for everyone. The leaders we work with, on leaving a masterclass tell us: “I understand why our recruitment policies are not working”, or “I understand what I need to do differently to create inclusive working spaces for all”. 

Focused on the Public and Community Sector

We are driven by creating a better, fairer and more inclusive UK public and community sector.

NHS Trusts

Implement more inclusive, kinder and compassionate workplace cultures where diverse communities thrive.

Blue Light Services

Strategically use cultural differences to come up with more innovative solutions.

Central Government

Achieve and sustain intentionally inclusive and equitable organisational cultures.

Local Government

The skills, abilities, and capabilities needed to successfully and respectfully work with difference and diversity.


Positively impact pupils, families and communities – encouraging transformational change and equity.

Third Sector

Take your diversity, equity and inclusion strategies to a place where it makes a real difference.

Faith Based

Address cultural differences in congregations and faith communities effectively.

Armed forces

Develop leaders who fully understand, will deepen and can model culturally intelligent and inclusive leadership.

Partner with the Cultural Intelligence Center

Above Difference is the UK’s only strategic partner to the Cultural Intelligence Center

Above Difference:

  • In partnership with the Cultural Intelligence Centre, has the ability to develop sector specific programmes and resources for the UK Public Sector
  • Is the UK’s only platinum accredited Cultural Intelligence Trainer and Facilitator
  • Boasts a team of collaborative partnerships with decades of Public Sector experience
  • Has a unique UK voice that engages the wider public on how CQ adds value to the discourse and dialogue around equity, equality and inclusion. 

Our Programmes

Above Difference provides Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and Inclusive Leadership Assessments, Training and Organisational Development Solutions that effect real change

Leading Inclusively with Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Giving You the ‘How’

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is a globally recognised way of assessing and improving effectiveness in culturally diverse situations. Based on peer reviewed academic research and validity conducted across more than 100 countries.

Recruiting, Retaining and Progressing Diverse Leadership Talent Inclusively with Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Does leadership talent from diverse communities in your organisation ‘come and grow’ or do they ‘come and go’ – or not even go there at all?  

This new programme, combining a one day Masterclass and a half day Group Planning and Implementation session will give you the tools and understanding to create fully inclusive workplaces where talent from all backgrounds really can ‘COME, STAY and GROW’

For  Senior Leaders in HR, Workforce Development and Organisational Development who have the power to introduce and lead real changes across their organisation. 

Leading for Inclusion with Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

A unique Masterclass for Leaders who are committed to increasing their leadership impact on the inclusion agenda in their organisations.

Are You Managing Diversity or Leading Inclusion in Your Organisation?

Do you spend your time as a leader managing the diversity statistics or leading inclusion?  How of you develop your leadership skills, capabilities and styles to become a genuinely inclusive leader who makes inclusion a lived in reality for whole workforce?

Join other leaders on this acclaimed Masterclass that will challenge and transform your approach to the inclusion agenda.

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