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Cultural Intelligence in Public Health

Above Difference has played a leading role in introducing Cultural Intelligence to the NHS to support the Diversity and Inclusion Agenda across Trusts and national bodies. In 2017 -2018 Above Difference worked alongside Inspiring Hope to develop and deliver the first NHS WRES Experts Programme integrating Cultural Intelligence CQ into the modular programme.

Above Difference has since delivered CQ Workshops to participants from NHS England and NHSImprovement as well as a number of Trusts including NELFHT.

We are committed to working with across the Health and Social Care landscape  to build culturally intelligent organisations and teams where the diversity of the workforce is positively leveraged to produce better outcomes for patients, staff and communities particularly those from marginalised communities.

If you are a Health and Social Care organisation and want more information about how we can support your ED& I agenda and help you become a Culturally Intelligent organisation then contact us.

Tweet 25/09/2018
@abovedifference it has been great to see the impact of Cultural Intelligence training on @NHS England and @NHSImprovement teams. Thank you for the invaluable insights.
S. Ramsden

“Every Board & Sub-Board leader should be doing Cultural Intelligence assessments alongside their 360s and building it into their appraisals and personal development plans. Owning yourself is the first stop to be able to positively reduce the impact of your privilege and build a better system.”
T.Hewitt, WRES Expert

“Thank You Jennifer, the BME network haven’t stopped talking about the session.”
H.Bansal, NELFHT


Cultural Intelligence in Policing

Above Difference has pioneered the introduction of Cultural Intelligence in Policing into one of the UK’s largest police forces- Avon and Somerset. Our pilot programme in Bristol is leading to real time  changes in the way that communities are policed. Officers with enhanced CQ are more confiendet ind bling with diverse communities using their understanding of cultural values and CQ to shape their responses to communities in a range of contexts.

Consideration is now being given to how the Constabulary can become the first Culturally Intelligent Police Force in the country. In addition to the training programme we are working with teams to embed the learning providing safe peer discussion groups for participants to develop their CQ and apply they learning to realtime challenges in working across diverse communities.

If you are a Police Force and want further information about how Cultural Intelligence can help in working with diverse communities please contact us

“Jennifer is an impressive trainer and facilitator. She is well informed, responsive to group discussion and managed difficult topics with ease. Much more rewarding than police-based training”

“Excellent 2 days. Very enjoyable and a heavy subject was delivered in an easy to understand way. Thanks.”

“Would be very beneficial to see this training rolled out to NHP/Response across the organisation.”

“I am really glad I did this course. It has changed the way I think and given me some incredibly useful problem-solving tools.”


Cultural Intelligence in Education

Above Difference has worked with Davenant Foundation school in Loughton Essex to support academic staff and pupils to deal effectively with multi-multiculturalism in the school and develop a better understanding of ‘culture’ and how it affects pupil teacher interactions.

We are exploring introducing CQ across a number of Higher Education establishments with a particular view to helping them address the issues of achievement, progression and retention across BAME students.

For more information please contact us here

“It is fair to say that Davenant would not be as culturally sensitive as we are today if it were not for Jennifer. The students and staff now have a confidence is recognising and celebrating cultural difference as well as raising concerns. Staff now approach change with a cultural sensitivity that we would not have had 5 years ago. Her influence has impacted the language we use, the curriculum we teach and even the way we discipline students. Jennifer is an outstanding communicator. She connects with a broad spectrum of cultures, the full breadth of age groups and men and women alike. She has an easy style that is non-threatening and is laced with a good balance of seriousness and humour.”
Mrs Debbie Lake, Deputy Head. Davenant Foundation School, Loughton


Cultural Intelligence in Public Sector Leadership

At Above Difference we recognise that in order to create radical and sustainable positive change in the Inclusion agenda we need to equip leaders and managers with the skills and tools to manage cross culturally. Over the last few years the public sector has grown increasingly diverse yet the statistics around bullying and harassment, discrimination, poor retention and progression of BAME staff continue to be dismal across the sector. Our aim is to challenge the traditional approach of addressing this by providing challenging, interactive CQ training sessions that help leaders to understand how they can use their enhanced CQ to create truly inclusive and compassionate workplace cultures where all staff are valued.

For more information on how we can help develop your leaders please contact us

Check out this video from David Livermore author of the book “Leading with Cultural Intelligence” and President of the Cultural Intelligence Institute:

In addition to being an approved CQ Facilitator Jennifer is a certified Coach and Trainer with the John Maxwell team and integrates this approach in working with leaders across the public and private sector. For more information click here